YA-MAN Ray Beaute R Flash Double Plus

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Yaman Ray Beaute R Flash Double Plus.

Reybote R Flash Double Plus is a powerful W (double) lamp for speed care!

[High power] Equipped with W (2) xenon lamps that emit a flash, more efficient waste hair care is possible.
[Speed] Care for unwanted hair on the whole body is completed in about 3 minutes.
Equipped with a "roller continuous shooting function" that automatically detects the movement distance while rolling on the skin and a wide irradiation surface of 9.24 cm2, waste hair care at overwhelming speed while suppressing irradiation leakage and overcare I can do it.
[Beautiful skin care] Since the flash contains wavelengths that can be used for beautiful skincare, it is possible to care for beautiful skin at the same time as unwanted hair. It is a wavelength that can be safely cared for according to the skin type of Japanese people.

Rated: DC12V 5A
power consumption: Approximately 7.0W in standby (maximum instantaneous 60W)
External dimensions: Approximately 228 mm x 78 mm x 63 mm (W x D x H)
Product mass: Approximately 470g (when the roller head is attached)
Material Body: ABS resin, Polycarbonate
Roller head: ABS resin, nylon, stainless steel, glass, PMMA
Spot head: ABS resin, nylon, glass
Country of manufacture Japan
accessories Roller head: 1
Spot head: 1
AC adapter: 1
Instruction manual (with warranty)
Bluetooth function
frequency 2.4GHz
version Bluetooth Ver.4.1
Communication distance Maximum about 10m
Corresponding profile ATT, GATT, SMP, L2CAP, GAP