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Lunasol Oil-in Solution

Lunasol Oil-in Solution

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With a single coat, it is a cosmetic liquid that is the base of water-gloss skin that gives a fresh gloss.
By spreading the oil in the water, the oil softens the skin and the moisture gradually penetrates to every corner of the stratum corneum.
For moist, firm skin full of moisture.
This is the first step in creating a watery skin that is comfortable to use, rather than a lotion.

Formulated moisturizing ingredients: Watercress (Netherlands Capsicum extract), Bilberry leaf extract, Bulberry mushroom extract, Glycerin
Fragrance: Citrus floral herbal scent with the freshness of orange and grapefruit and the femininity of geranium and rose.

  • How to use - Apply to hands or cotton and apply to entire face. As for the amount of use at one time, it is a guide to push the pump three times (about 3mL).
  • 180ml