THREE Aiming Body Serum

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THREE Aiming Body Serum.

With an enchanting scent and texture, the skin of the whole body is smooth like silk.

A two-layer type body serum that gently envelops the entire body with a veil of rich moisture from the water layer and high-quality oil. From areas that are prone to dryness to areas where sebum is a concern, it melts into the skin and provides moisture. The skin after use is smooth and silky. A body serum with the euphoric scent of natural essential oils softens the mind, body, and skin, leading to supple beauty.

    Apply to clean skin after bathing.

    1. After shaking the container well, take an appropriate amount and warm it with your palm.

    2. Gently spread your feet and fingers toward the base of your skin.

    3. Rub the bust, waist and hips together.

    Moisturizing and emollient ingredients

    <Essential oil>
    Rose oil, fennel oil, rosemary oil, geranium oil, bergamot fruit oil
    <Vegetable oil>
    Carrot seed oil, grapefruit seed oil, pomegranate seed oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, tea seed oil, rape seed oil, rice bran oil
    Ai Leaf Extract, Halungana Extract, Pomegranate Flower Extract, Damask Rose Extract, Nanbank Safuji Seed Extract, Plum Fruit Extract
    <Botanical & mineral water>
    Damask rose water, orange fruit water, hot spring water
    sea ​​salt

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