Three Aiming Cream

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Three Aiming Cream.

Deeply and completely satisfactory and impressively soft.

The rich cream fits the skin quickly and comfortably as if to integrate together while giving off a sensual fragrance that would reach the deep source of femininity.
The cream brings about the elastic and resilient skin with fine texture by moisturizing deeply and abundantly and coating the skin with such smoothness that you may forget all your worries.
The skin contains a feel of lustrous elevation, and yet limitlessly tender and supple.

  • How to use - Use a spatula to take an appropriate amount (about the size of 2 grains of large pearl) in your palm. Apply it on the face from the bottom to the top, from the inside (median line side) towards the outside. Finally, cover your entire face with both hands and make the cream fit by slowly pressing the skin. Apply additional cream on the parts where you feel dry, and spread it again to the entire face.
  • 26 g

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