Kanebo Cream In Night

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Kanebo Cream In Night.
A night cream that wraps in moisture all night and makes you want to touch the next morning, leading to a supple firmness and moisturized skin. A pleasant rich cream that is suitable for care at night will cultivate beauty. Moisturizes and wraps the skin throughout sleep. A night cream that nurtures the beauty of tomorrow.
  • Gives moisture and firmness and wraps the skin like a cream mask overnight.
  • Despite its rich richness, it feels smooth and adheres to the skin so that it melts at the moment of application.
  • You can also apply "patty coating" to gently apply one spatula to the entire face, then take another spatula and stack it on the areas of interest.
  • Care with morning cream in the morning and evening cream with a night cream to moisturize your skin and cultivate your beauty all day long.
  • 40g
  • Available on 10/09/2020

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