Kanebo Cream In Day

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Kanebo Cream In Day.
A morning cream that keeps you moisturized all day long, gives you a lively tension and gives you beautiful glossy skin. A fresh cream created for morning care that enhances beauty. With moisture in the morning, it keeps your skin moisturized during the day. Morning cream that enhances today's beauty.
  • Prevents UV rays during the day and protects it from drying, giving moisture and firmness.
  • With a soft feel, it comfortably blends into the skin and enhances the make-up paste. Moisture lasts during the day to improve make-up.
  • It spreads easily on the foundation and can be used as a makeup base as well as a makeup base.
  • Gives a natural glossy skin that bleeds from the inside.
  • Care with morning cream in the morning and evening cream with night cream to moisturize your skin and cultivate your beauty all day long.
  • SPF20・PA+++
  • 40g
  • Available on 10/09/2020

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