Jill Stuart Blooming Blossom Curl Lash Mascara

Color 01 Pure Black

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Jill Stuart Blooming Blossom Curl Lash Mascara.

Like a flower in full bloom.
Film type mascara with upward curl.

Curl-keeping power that lifts eyelashes and makes them look like flowers.
The airy feather prescription pursues the lightness of the film and maintains a beautiful finish.
The wax formulation that gives softness does not burden the eyelashes and creates a supple and uniform film.
Because it contains a base that is resistant to sebum and water, it does not bleed into sweat and keeps curling.
A film type that can be easily turned off with lukewarm water.
Contains pearl extract, an ingredient that is gentle on eyelashes. Makes your eyelashes healthy and smooth.
It is a clear and deep pure black.
The frill-shaped bottle has the image of large flowering petals.
There is a pink Swarovski in the center of the cap.
Crystal floral bouquet scent.