Celvoke Vatic Eyes

Color 01 Sparkle Beige

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Celvoke Vatic Eyes.

01-03 A glittering color that shines as if the particles of light spring out from the back.
It subtly and beautifully emphasizes the three-dimensional effect of the eyes.

04-14 The leading color that colors the eyelids and determines the impression of the eyes. Even if it is finished in a single color, it produces beautiful color, three-dimensional effect, and depth. A tightening color that emphasizes the three-dimensional effect by achieving both depth and a sense of omission around the eyes.

18 to 20. A subtle finish that blends into the eyelids and gently adds shadows. 

21 Stardust
A gold that looks like a hardened piece of brilliance that has fallen from a shooting star. Melts into your skin with a yellow tone and gives off a dramatic glow every time you blink.
22 Forest Gold
The glow of khaki, which contains the warmth of gold, is deep like a forest filled with vitality. Layer it up to enjoy the depth and shine, or spread it out sheer for a casually stylish finish.
23 Crushed Silver Silver
that emits a refreshing shine like water droplets that reflect light. The clear shine that makes you feel freshness enhances the impression of your eyes while giving it a dignified finish.


Delicacy, plumpness, and sparkle like warm sunlight. Eye color that dyes the eyelids with a soft touch and lifts the gaze.

Take an appropriate amount with your finger or tip and blur it over the entire eyelid.