Hacci Bouquet Blanc Shampoo

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For rich luster and golden radiance... Dainty blossoms of white flowers... A fashionable shampoo and conditioner made from the encounter of beautiful honey and a lovely image of pure white flowers.​ ​​

  • Blended with honey, bubbles are very fine, composing a dense lather that washes away grime and build-up from the scalp and every strand of hair. As the lather is fine-bubbled, shampoo can be rinsed off quickly.
  • This non-silicon type shampoo is specifically made to clean and maintain a healthy scalp. At the same time, it gives a smooth feel as you run fingers through your hair. This is made possible by the combined ingredients of honey*, royal jelly extract*, pearl-derived essence (hydrolyzed conchiolin) * and seaweed-derived algae extract.
  • Keeping a healthy base for hair and scalp to nurture shiny, luscious hair Organic rosemary extract and pearl-derived essence *restore and maintain a healthy environment for both scalp and hair.​ ​
  • 240ml