Jill Stuart Timeless Glow Rouge Tint

Color 01 strawberry lake

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Jill Stuart Timeless Glow Rouge Tint.

Color development and luster full of the translucency such as the soap bubble continue.
A tint rouge with a fresh touch.

01 strawberry lake - Baby pink like a pure strawberry
02 peach tutu - Peach pink like a fluffy peach
03 still with you - Coral orange with a calm sense of security
04 lipstick letter - Pure that colors your lips beautifully and vividly Red
05 sunset afterglow - Beige pink, like the light of a sunset
06 rosé at night - Deep rose, like a rose that blooms at night

07 apricot organdy - Sheer and slightly colored apricot pink
08 creamy grape - Grape pink (main color) that creates a milky impression