Excia Embeage Cleansing Cream

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Albion Excia Embeage Cleansing Cream.

A mysterious spiral that unleashes bare skin.
In honor of the clear shine that seems to be purified.
A spiral base that mixes two bases, pink and white, is a cleansing cream that makes the end of the day a luxurious skincare time.

The rich and rich base spreads while adhering to the skin. While thoroughly massage the skin as if polishing it, remove makeup oil, dirt, and even oxidized sebum that causes aging damage, and after cleansing, make the skin supple and clean.

How to use - Take about 3g of cherries on the palm with the attached spatula, place them on 5 places on the face (forehead, cheeks, nose, chin) and massage with your fingertips in a spiral to make up and dirt. Let it blend in well. Then, wipe the skin with a tissue, taking care not to rub it strongly, or rinse with water or lukewarm water. Always keep the attached spatula clean.

  • 160g