Excia AL Whitening Melano Intensive Spots

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Albion Excia AL Whitening Melano Intensive Spots.

Aim at the roots of spots with a whitening stick.
Prevents stains and does not increase them.
For those who are concerned about stains and freckles. A medicated whitening serum in the form of a stick that delivers the whitening active ingredient to the stratum corneum and spreads to clear and bright skin.

A base with a good fit adheres to the intended area and penetrates into the skin (horny layer) so that it dissolves. It suppresses the production of melanin and prevents spots and freckles.

Actively supports the skin, leaving it moisturized, supple and moisturized.

How to use - Please use for morning and evening care.
<Night> At the end of maintenance.
<Morning> Before the makeup base.
Apply about 5mm and apply directly to the spots and freckles that are of concern.

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