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Exage White Rise Milk I

Exage White Rise Milk I

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Albion Exage White Rise Milk I.

A refreshingly moisturizing, fresh, and whitening.
For fine, supple skin.
For oily skin that suppresses the generation of melanin to prevent spots and freckles while leaving refreshing moisture to the skin (horny layer) to every corner of the skin, with a well-textured, transparent skin full of brightness. It is a medicated whitening emulsion.

It penetrates into the skin (horny layer) so that it feels fresh and supple, and it balances the moisture of the skin while tightening the skin to create a fine and supple skin.

How to use - After washing your face, apply 3 pumps to cotton and apply it to the entire face from 5 points on your face (forehead, cheeks, nose, chin).

  • 110g/200g