Dr.Arrivo The Vzusa
Dr.Arrivo The Vzusa
Dr.Arrivo The Vzusa
Dr.Arrivo The Vzusa
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Dr.Arrivo The Vzusa


Color Purple

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Dr.Arrivo The Vzusa.

Product Features
New series "The Vzusa". With the pursued design and overwhelming experience, once you get it, you will be drawn to its charm.

  • IPR - By outputting insert pulse / EMS/medium and high frequency at the same time and flowing them intermittently, you can expect the experience of acupressure and tapping performed by estheticians.
  • ULTRA PULSE (Ultra pulse) - Insert pulse · EMS · medium to high frequency is 4 will be output at the same time from a single element.
  • EMS - A weak electric current repeatedly flows between the four elements, causing microwaves and acting on the facial muscles.
  • ION - It absorbs dirt on the skin with the power of ions and removes dirt that is not normally removed.
  • VR - The vibration reduces the electrical stimulation. Equipped with two types of modes.
  • LED - Treatment with the wavelength of light supports the making of healthy body. ( Equipped with 3 colors of red, blue and green .)
  • 24K Ap element - Affinity with the skin is the highest, 24 were processing the surface with gold.
  • Accessories: Dedicated AC adapter

Gift set package with lotion and moisturizer