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Covermark Sheer Powder

Covermark Sheer Powder

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Covermark Sheer Powder.

A powder that creates the natural "texture and three-dimensional effect" of beautiful human skin.

A fine particle powder coated with 3 types of powder unique to Covermark with moisturizing treatment ingredients.
Comes with a dedicated puff.

1. "Clear velvet powder", which is soft and has excellent elasticity, fits perfectly on the unevenness of the skin. Makes skin shiny and fine with no noticeable pores or fine wrinkles.
2. "Color flop powder", which reflects light differently depending on the viewing angle, creates a natural three-dimensional effect because the T zone is bright and casts shadows on the face line.
3. "Resistance powder" that repels makeup loss and dullness absorbs sebum and sweat, and keeps a beautiful finish without dullness all day long.