RMK Concentrated Eye Gel


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RMK Concentrated Eye Gel.

A fresh, concentrated moisturizing eye gel that cares for damage such as dryness
A rich, moisturizing eye gel that makes a difference between the next day's makeup and the eyes of the future. Contains moisturizing ingredients such as star fruit leaf extract and rosehip extract, which focus on problems around the eyes such as dryness. It quickly penetrates into the stratum corneum and forms a gel barrier film on the surface of the skin to maintain a moisturizing effect. By massaging while blending, blood circulation is promoted, and swelling and bears are inconspicuous and lively eyes. Although it has a fresh texture, it does not feel sticky and has a moist finish. If you use it before make-up, the texture of the skin will be smooth, and the glue and stickiness of eye make-up will be improved. The scent of rosehip tea, where the refreshing acidity and the sweetness of adults melt together.