YA-MAN RF Facial Equipment Photo Plus EX HRF20N

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YA-MAN RF Facial Equipment Photo Plus EX.

Care for pores, dryness, facial muscles, and eyes! Full facial facial equipment that snuggles up to fluctuating skin in 6 modes.

External dimensions: approx. W44 x D57 x H190 (mm)

Product mass: body: 220g
Country of manufacture: Japan
Accessories: Cotton stopper, AC adapter
Model number: HRF20N

7 functions packed in 6 modes
RF (radio wave)
Equipped with 1MHz RF, which is also used in many professional equipment in beauty salons. It warms deep into the skin and enhances care efficiency.
Weak electricity is used to remove dirt from pores and makeup residue that cannot be removed by face washing or cleansing.
Using weak electricity, the beauty ingredients of lotion and serum penetrate deep into the skin (up to the stratum corneum).

Cares the surface of the skin with a very weak current that does not feel. Beauty equipment equipped with microcurrent is also widely used in beauty salons.
Stimulates muscles by giving electrical stimulation from outside. By using EMS, you can efficiently care for muscles that are difficult to move by yourself.
is a luxury care that shines light energy on the skin.
the skin moisturized and firm.

External dimensions / approx. W44 x D57 x H190 (mm)
Product mass / body: 220g
Country of manufacture / Japan
Accessories / Cotton stopper, AC adapter
Model number / HRF20N