YA-MAN RF Facial Device Photo Plus

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New photo function! Skin care with radio wave beauty to give you a feeling of firm skin.

An all-in-one facial treatment device that is programmed with 7 different technologies for 5 treatment modes, including clean, enhanced product delivery, tighten facial muscles, minimize fine lines and wrinkles, and reduce pore size.

Realization of radiant skin aging care with RF "Photo PLUS (Photo Plus)" is a multi-functional facial device packed with 7 beauty technologies, including RF (radio wave), which is popular in beauty salons. 

  1. RF (radio wave) - 1MHz RF (radio wave), which is also used for commercial equipment, gives warmth to the skin
  2. EMS - electrical stimulation exercises facial muscles for training
  3. Ion derived - by the force of the ion removes dead skin cells of the skin surface
  4. iontophoresis - delivers moisture by the force of the ion to every corner of the stratum corneum
  5. vibration - to give a pleasant vibration to the skin and increase the efficiency of treatment
  6. Red LED - beauty salon is a popular treatment for light treatment at home for delicate eye care.
  7. At - the end of cooling skin care, cool and tighten the skin


  • Product Code: HRF-10T
  • Product Name: PHOTO PLUS
  • Technology: RF, EMS, Ion Cleansing, Iontophoresis, LED, Vibration, Cooling
  • Recommended usage: 2-3 times per week
  • Size: W44 × D57 × H190 (mm)
  • Weight: approx. 220g
  • Country of Origin: JAPAN