YA-MAN Photo Plus Prestige Pro M30

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YA-MAN Photo Plus Prestige Pro M30.

The top model "Photo Plus Prestige Pro" is equipped with "NEO DYHP", which has a higher penetration and lift feeling than the RF beauty equipment series with cumulative shipments exceeding 3 million units.

Introducing the top model equipped with the new waveform "NEO DYHP" with high penetration and lift feeling. The evolved and deformed "double ring electrode" has increased the output of EMS by about 30%. It is possible to heat a wider area.

  • Newly installed original technology "NEO DYHP".
  • Adopting 3MHz RF, which is also used in beauty salons We have adopted 3MHz.
  • 10 functions are optimized for 4 modes of Programming.

RF, high frequency EMS, ion derivation, NEO DYHP, red LED, orange LED, blue LED, microcurrent, cooling, vibration 10 functions are installed.

● CLEAN mode (RF, high frequency EMS, ion derivation, red LED, vibration)
 The RF + ion W approach adsorbs dirt that cannot be removed by washing your face. At the same time, EMS stimulates facial muscles.

Equipped with a newly introduced waveform "NEO DYHP" unique to NEO DYHP mode (RF, NEO DYHP, red LED, orange LED, vibration) . Infiltrate the beauty ingredients into every corner of the stratum corneum. Photo care with two colors of red and orange LEDs is also available at the same time. In addition, the evolved "double ring electrode" increases the output of EMS by 30% * 6 and approaches facial muscles more efficiently. Equipped with EMS that makes your skin stick to you, we also provide face care that takes into consideration the feeling of experience.

EYE mode (RF, microcurrent, vibration)
While warming with RF, apply a weak current of microcurrent to care for delicate eyes.

COOL mode (cooling, blue LED, vibration)
 At the end of care, apply the blue LED to cool and tighten your skin.