YA-MAN Photo Plus EX Eye Pro

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YA-MAN Photo Plus EX eye pro
new function "eye lift RF technology" that can perform aging care for delicate eyes.
Adult developed independently A multi-function RF facial device that responds to women's complex skin troubles

Recommended for these people
Those who feel that skincare items are unsatisfactory. Anxiety about lack of firmness of face with age. Corresponding to various skin troubles Those who want one


  • Thermal RF x Microcurrent "Eyelift RF Technology" A function has been added that allows intensive treatment of the eyes where age signs tend to appear due to drying etc. The RF output has been specially improved to give warmth to even delicate eyes. Aging care around the eyes where you can feel the warmth gently by outputting the microcurrent weak current simultaneously.
  • Facial muscle care is enhanced with double-wave EMS, "Photoplus EX eye pro" covers low-frequency EMS installed in the conventional "Photoplus (HRF-10T)" and also covers medium frequencies that reach deeper areas. Equipped with a double wave EMS.
  • For the lack of firmness of the skin that cannot be covered by skincare, the powerful electric stimulation of the double wave EMS moves the muscles tightly and tightens.
  • With 6 functions in one unit, it responds to all skin problems. You can experience popular menus such as RF (radio frequency), ion introduction/extraction, EMS, microcurrent, LED photo, and cooling with this one unit.
  • It is full of encouraging functions that can answer various skin problems of adult women with one unit, such as seasons with pores, those who are concerned about dryness, those who want to clean the skin.

Main Specifications

  • Size: W44 x D57 x H190mm
  • Weight: Main body approx. 220g (with cotton stopper)
  • Power consumption: approx. 13W
  • Accessories: Cotton stopper, AC adapter
  • Country of manufacture: Japan
  • Model number: HRF20PEYE