YA-MAN Mise Wave Spa

Color Pink

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Simultaneous EMS-like appearance and full-scale EMS!

The four rollers that are arranged to fit the entire body like a complex beauty like an esthetic salon reproduces the movement of an esthetician's hand.
Comfortable and with a movement that lifts up the part you care about, you can find the part you care about.

Authentic EMS
Low frequency-Medium frequency triple tightening wave stimulates muscles with various rhythms.
EMS while protruding with a roller stimulates a wide range of muscles.

Itis possible to change the level of face care and take care of the whole body!

With reverse rotation function. You can care while pulling up on either the left or right face!

Waterproof (IPX7)-Can be used in the bath!

Rating Input: AC100V-240V
Output: DC5V1.0A
power consumption: About 3W (when charging)
Charging time: About 2 to 3 hours (Charging time varies depending on the operating environment.)
Operating time: Approx. 30 minutes (Operating time immediately after a full charge.)
External dimensions About 130×80mm×65mm (W×D×H)
Product mass About 230g
Material Body: ABS resin
roller: ABS resin (chrome plating)
Country of manufacture: China
Set content Body: 1, pc USB cable for charging: 1 pc, AC adapter: 1 pc

Product number: ms50ym