YA-MAN Medi Lift Eye

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YA-MAN Medi Lift Eye.

Wearable EMS facial device "Medilift" that has swept the topic of the beauty industry, a new
product for aging care for the eyes "Medilift Eye"  "Medical muscle TM" that raises the beauty of the eyes The concept of "care" The orbicularis muscle, which stretches around the eyeball and supports the skin around the eye, and the temporalis muscle, which connects the orbicularis muscle to the head.
We focused on these muscles that determine the beauty of the eyes.
Due to its delicate structure, it is difficult to “offensive care”, but a new approach called “Eye Declar Muscle TM Care” leads to a clear impression.

[About cosmetics to be used with the product] 
Do not use cosmetics that contain oil, such as beauty oil. It may cause deterioration of the silicone mask.
Size - Silicone mask About W620xH230(mm) (including fixed band, when placed flat)
Controller about W78xH54xD15(mm) (including electrode part)

Silicone mask about 98g
Controller about 32g (for one)
Accessories: Handling Instructions, AC adapter, USB cable for charging
Charging time: about 2.5 hours (can be used for about 3 hours)