YA-MAN Facial Device Photo Plus Prestige SS

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Cumulative shipments have exceeded 2 million
The top model with new original technology has appeared in the continuously evolving RF facial device series.

"YA-MAN Photo Plus Prestige SS"

Model: M21
Body size: About W50 x D65 x H185 (mm)
Body mass: Approx. 230 g (with cotton stopper)
Power supply: AC type
Rated power supply: DC12V/3.0A
Power consumption: about 20W
RF frequency: 3MHz
Vibration: ON/OFF possible
Accessories: Cotton stopper, AC adapter
Country of Origin: Japan

Introduction of “Photo Plus Prestige SS”
Adopt 3MHz RF, which is also used in beauty salons We have adopted 3MHz, which is a higher frequency band than 1MHz that was mainly used in our RF facial device series so far. Efficiently warms the skin to deep areas.
Equipped with warm eye care function by dedicated head Equipped. With eye care head that outputs 3MHz RF, EMS, and microcurrent. Comfortably warms and cares for the eyes, which are prone to various problems.
Optimal programming of 10 functions in 4 modes. Supports complex skin problems with a single unit. Deep area using RF, cleansing pore dirt by deriving ions, introducing moisture with DYHP, stimulating facial muscles with high-frequency EMS, microcurrent, light care with LED (orange color), Red, blue), cooling, vibration, and programming in 4 modes of "clean", "moist", "eye" and "cool". High performance is achieved with simple usability.

The package set comes with the massage gel.