YA-MAN Facial Device Photo Plus Prestige S

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"YA-MAN Photo Plus Prestige S"

Model: M20
Body size: About W50 x D55 x H190 (mm)
Body mass: Approx. 270 g (with cotton stopper)
Power supply: Dual-use
Rated power supply: DC9V/2.0A
Power consumption: about 15W
Charging time: about 3 hours
Operating time: about 30 minutes
RF frequency: 3MHz

Vibration: ON/OFF possible
Accessories: Cotton stopper, AC adapter
Country of Origin: Japan

Introduction of “Photo Plus Prestige S”

Improved “moisture content”, “elasticity” and “barrier function” are essential for beautiful skin.
It is an important element that constitutes the beauty of bare skin with continuous use for 4 weeks. Improves elasticity, water content, barrier function, and brightness. Effectively cares for complex skin problems caused by aging and leads to ideal skin conditions.
[Results of the efficacy test of Photoplus Prestige S] N=33 persons
 ・Skin elasticity average 50% up
 ・Skin water content average 21% up
 ・Epidermal skin water loss average 12% (Improved moisturizing capacity)
According to Intertek Testing Services Ltd., Shanghai

Adopted 3MHz RF, which is also used in beauty salons. Adopts 3MHz, which is a higher frequency band than 1MHz that was mainly used in our conventional RF facial device series. And more efficiently warms the skin to deep areas.

Improved comfort of EMS and RF
Compared to Yaman conventional RF facial device series, by increasing the area of ​​the head surface that touches the skin, the experience of RF and EMS is improved. We are pursuing a comfortable feeling as well as a feeling of skin so that you can look forward to the maintenance time.

Nine functions that address complex skin problems are integrated into a simple 5 mode
 RF deep heating, cleansing pore dirt by ion derivation, moisturizing with DYHP, stimulation of facial muscles by high-frequency EMS, microcurrent, LED light care (yellow, red, blue), cooling, Programming in 5 modes of "Clean", "Eye Care", "Moisture", "EMS UP" and "Cool". Both full-scale care just like a beauty salon and simple operability are compatible.