YA-MAN Blue Green Mask

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YA-MAN Blue Green Mask.

Wrap, bathe, and shine with 346 high-brightness LEDs. Optical technology takes to a new dimension.

Silicone mask with high brightness LED x close contact 3D structure.
We achieve photobeauty using highly safe light/LED, which is also used for photobeauty at clinics, and YA-MAN's technology.

Size: Face mask: approx. W177 x H209 x D247 (mm)/ Neck mask: approx. W139 x H69 x D132 (mm)/ Controller: approx. W56 x H130 x D39 (mm);
Weight: Face mask: approx. 458g/ Neck mask: Approximately 141g/ Controller: Approximately 196g
Charging time: Approximately 6 hours
Operating time: Approximately 40 minutes (from fully charged state)
Color/Model Number: Dark Blue/YJMF0L

Country of Manufacture: China