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The long-awaited new work "Bloom WR STAR" from the Bloom series is now available.
Equipped with "Triple Boost RF" that combines 3 types of RF (radio waves) and EMS, lift care can be achieved in just 6 minutes.
The "Bloom" series is a facial device specializing in RF technology for easier and more efficient lift care, and is especially popular in China. The "Bloom WR STAR" to be released this time is the latest model with further power-up of RF, EMS, and red LED that output at the same time.

■ Adoption of new technology "Triple Boost RF" that transmits RF to the deep part of the stratum corneum In
order to bring a more reliable response, we are particular about the efficiency of transmitting RF to the skin, and in addition to the conventional 2 types of RF of 1MHz + 2MHz, 3 types Adopted "Triple Boost RF" which programmed the RF that became. The RF warming speed is increased by 15%, and it warms deeper into the stratum corneum.

■ Equipped with the second-generation compound flexible wave "Dynamic Multiple Currents" (EMS) that efficiently approaches
facial muscles We are further pursuing approaches to facial muscles by combining EMS in multiple frequency regions. Compared to conventional EMS technology, it improves muscle training efficiency and provides comfortable lift care. You can also select EMS on / off.

■ Simultaneous output of RF and EMS from the
proprietary "quadruple ring electrode" The ring electrode structure has been changed from double to quadruple by upgrading the technology of the proprietary "double-ring electrode" . Multiple RF and EMS can be output from the quadruple ring electrode at the same time, achieving efficient care of 6 minutes at a time.

■ Evolution of photo care using red LEDs
We care for your skin with a light illuminance that is about 3 times * 6 that of conventional products.

■ More efficient care with special cosmetics
A gel beauty essence "Flores Serum Moisture" that supports firmness care with deeper lasting moisture is set.

Size / approx. W46 x D47 x H173 (mm)
Product mass / approx. 175g
Charging / operating time / approx. 3 hours / approx. 40 minutes (from a fully charged state) * The time may vary depending on the environment.
Country of manufacture / Japan
Accessories / AC adapter, USB cable (USB Type-C), cosmetics (Flores Serum Moisture), instruction manual (with warranty)
Model number / S12PLUS