YA-MAN Bloom Eye

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YA-MAN Bloom Eye.

Aging care facial device for eyes.

For the first time, "Bloom EYE", an RF facial device for the eyes that was specially developed to specialize in eye problems.  The developed RF technology, which is also used in salons, for eye care that can be used at home.

[Set product]

  • Main unit
  • USB cable (USB Type C) 
  • 1 piece Flowless serum 20g (2 types) 1 piece each
  • Instruction manual (with warranty)

[Product specifications]
Rated power supply: DC5V1.0A
Power consumption: Approximately 2W
Battery used: Lithium-ion storage battery
Charging time: Approximately 3 hours * Charging time may vary depending on the charging environment.
Operating time: Approximately 40 minutes (from a fully charged state) * Operating time may vary depending on the usage environment and level.
External dimensions: W35.4 x D41 x H148 (mm)
Product mass: Approximately 103g
Material: Body (ABS resin, polycarbonate), Electrode head (stainless steel)
Country of manufacture: Japan

    RF original program specializing in eye lift care
    Ya-man has developed the optimal program for "Bloom EYE" by combining 1MHz RF for eye lift care and weak current in a complex manner .

    Product design

     It is particular about the product shape so that it is easy to use even for delicate eyes, making it a compact and lightweight RF facial device. In addition, the head part that touches the skin around the eyes has a rounded dome shape for smoother skin contact, and the electrode part is made of grade stainless steel that is also used in medical treatment.

    In order to use safe care with the sensing function for delicate eyes, Ya-man has further studied the safety of the equipment and equipped with multiple sensing functions for heat, electricity, and operation.

    Two gels, "Flores Serum Moisture" that supports firmness care with moisture that sustains care more efficiently and

     deeper by using two special cosmetics together, and "Flores Serum Smooth" that balances the skin and leads to smooth and beautiful skin. A beauty essence is set.