Unmix Eyelash Liner

Color 01 soft black

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Unmix Eyelash Liner.

"Soft black" blends in with Japanese eyelashes to create a gentle look. By adjusting the warm black color and creating a thin film finish, a slightly "transparent black" was created.

As you apply more coats, it will go from translucent to a natural glossy black, allowing you to achieve the darkness you desire. When used at the root of the eyelashes, it gives the impression that the number of eyelashes has increased.

Tighten the cap firmly until it clicks. If the cap is left open, the lead will become hard and you will not be able to draw. Please note that the core may break due to strong impact such as dropping.

When drawing, please avoid using it on mucous membranes.

Extending the lead too far may cause it to break, so extend it about 1mm and draw a line with a light touch. If it gets into your eyes, rinse immediately.

Trimethylsiloxysilicic acid, methyl trimethicone, synthetic fluorophlogopite, candelilla wax hydrocarbon, (acrylates/stearyl acrylate/dimethicone methacrylate) copolymer, synthetic wax, carnauba wax, diisostearyl malate, fatty acids (C18- 36) Glycol, tocopherol, Al hydroxide, Argania spinosa kernel oil, squalane, panthenol, silica, sodium hyaluronate, dimethicone, iron oxide, titanium oxide, mica