Todai Aluminum Ice-Cream Spoon
Todai Aluminum Ice-Cream Spoon
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Todai Aluminum Ice-Cream Spoon


Color Black

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Enjoy your ice-cream even more with these colourful aluminium spoons. The flat slanted shape designed to reach the inner edges of the bowl together with the heat transfer through the aluminium of the spoon softens the ice-cream to make it easier to scoop each mouthful.

  • The tip of the spoon is flat, making it easy to scoop to the bottom of the cup!
  • The tip is thinly stretched, so it is easy to scoop up to the last bite!
  • Increase the pot thickness by 30% from the conventional product! The thermal conductivity is improved and it is easier to melt ice and scoop it up!

A great gift for the ice-cream lover! Modern stylish design in a matte finish.