To/one Petal Float Eye Shadow 2024 Spring

Color 23 Clevis of City

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To/one Petal Float Eye Shadow 2024 Spring.

The scenery of the sky and the temperature of the light change over time. A new dusty color that will remind you of a momentary view.

Adds a supple luster and clear sparkle to two colors that can be used daily. Create dramatic eyes with blending colors and lively shine. Whether you want a melancholy feverishness or a dignified coolness, you can change it according to your mood.

23 Clevis of City - Cool blues and grays like an early morning cloudy sky seen through a gap between buildings.
24 Dusk Veil: - Beige and orange with sparkling gold pearls reminiscent of the sunset sky
25 Dawning Sky - Expressing the red sky turning red. Bordeaux and pink that give you a sense of body temperature and intelligence.

26 Flowering Mimosa - Gold and yellow give a bright and positive impression, reminiscent of a mimosa flower in full bloom.