THREE United Fluid Eye Color


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THREE United Fluid Eye Color.

Melts into the eyelids and adheres. An emulsion-inspired liquid eyeshadow with multiple pearls and luster.

Texture and suppleness like milky lotion. A liquid eyeshadow that can be finished simply by placing it on your eyelids and blending it with your fingers.
A rich texture with different brilliance due to the balance of various neutral colors and pearls.
By freely layering from a variety of variations, it brings out the individuality of the wearer.
With a waterproof formula, it keeps freshly applied for a long time. Resistant to wrinkles and maintains a beautiful finish.

Milky touch prescription that fits the eyelids -

A smooth texture like milky lotion spreads softly around the eyes and adheres perfectly.
A variety of expressions with a high sense of transparency come true.

Waterproof prescription - 

A waterproof formula that is resistant to sebum, sweat, and tears.
Keeps the freshly applied beauty without discoloration even after a long time.