Three Solar Tinted Glow Flow

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Three Solar Tinted Glow Flow.
UV rays, pores and dull skin. This multi-Use Liquid solves the problems with one coat. As a UV protector, base make-up and touch-up item, it demonstrates a functionality, comfort and effect on beauty that only THREE, a holistic brand, can offer. Its texture is so light that you won’t believe that it’s SPF50+/PA++++, a chemical-free formula. With just one smooth and quick application, it hides pores and dullness under a veil of clearness to prevent the skin from getting oily for a long time while keeping moisture in horny layer. It delivers a neutral finish like well-conditioned bare skin. With a skin that contains natural vitality, free your look and mind brightly under the sun.
  • Color control & clearing effect - With a nuance of bright complexion, the product offers vibrant skin that is free from dullness, even after long hours. Clear color pearls deliver a clear finish as if the skin is glowing from the inside. Furthermore, oil absorbing powder contained in the product keeps skin color looking healthy by preventing oiliness and dullness for a long time.
  • Waterproof formula - The product employs waterproof formula that works strongly against water, perspiration and oil while providing a light finish, making it suitable for use during summer. It stays dry and smooth after long hours, and keeps your skin beautiful with no apparent pores.
  • Inner moisture formula - The product keeps abundant moisture inside horny layer while delivering a smooth feel and texture to the skin. It accomplishes a cool and moistened skin so that you don’t have to spend time worrying about oiliness and dryness.
  • 30ml