Three Darlingly Demure Lipstick


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Three Darlingly Demure Lipstick.


“Glow lipsticks that blend in with the natural color of your lips, to freely express your feeling.”
Express your daily mood naturally on your lips, with a Demure Glow lipstick.
Glides on the lips with a dewy texture to create a gentle shade blended with the natural color of your lips.
The color and gloss blend well with your expression and integrate with the lips to bring out a sophisticated look.
Its excellent moisturizing effect and two kinds of spherical powders cover up vertical lines on the lips, achieving a beautifully defined look. A total of nine colors in an airy, lightweight formula that will inspire you to try different looks.

  • 01 TO BE FREE - Fuchsia Pink radiating sweetness. To liberate a charming presence.
  • 02 TASTE OF FREEDOM - Unpretentious and refreshing Scarlet Red. To liberate a bright heart.
  • 03 FREEDOM FEELING - Pinkish Rose to stand out smartly. To liberate a secret admiration.
  • 04 VOICE OF FREEDOM - French Rose to bring out your natural charm. To liberate a heart-warming gentleness.
    Peach Beige like a subtle smile. To liberate a serene warmth.
  • 06 FREEDOM REIGNS - Cerulean Pink flying freely. To liberate a snappy taste in fashion.
  • 07 SET ME FREE - Sangria Red with a grown up feel. To liberate a wild glamor.
  • 08 FEEL FLOWS FREE - Cassis Glaze brimming with feminine charm. To liberate a sensitivity from deep within.
  • 09 FREE LOVE - Capacious Alluring Red. To liberate a warm affection.