Three Balancing Body UV Protector


Three Balancing Body UV Protector

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Three Balancing Body UV Protector.

Free from UV absorbent. Powerful defense to protect your body against a barrage of stressors.
 As you welcome summer, you tend to dress lightly, leaving your arms and legs unprotected. THREE’s first body protector shields these parts from environmental stressors without any gap.
With superior defense and non-stickiness, this protector leaves you with a wonderfully smooth finishing.
Spread smoothly and evenly with a firm fit, the protector guards you with a reliable defensive veil.
Blended with essential oils blossoming with the aroma of oriental tranquility.

  • How to use - Put a suitable amount perpendicular to the direction of application. Apply and spread the product.
  • 80ml
  • SPF50/PA++++