THREE Rising Spirit Lip Glow

Color 03 Perfect Poery

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THREE Rising Sprit Lip Glow in all 10 colors.

A new lip category "Lip Glow" with fresh luster and vivid colors.
It melts at the temperature of the lips and becomes a part of the facial expression, giving off freshness from the inside.
Feel the brilliance of the water surface that reflects light, the coloring that coexists with transparency and depth, and the comfort of relaxing and wearing in any scene, and awaken a new spirit from your lips. After applying it, lightly press it with a tissue to leave a soft texture and a dyed color gloss, and you can enjoy a more neutral and natural side of your lips.

09 Taste the colors will be released on Aug 3rd, 2022

08 Feel the music will be released on Sep 7th, 2022