THREE Aiming Facial Oil Essence R

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THREE Aiming Facial Oil Essence R.

Before lotion or treatment. An oil serum that gently melts into your skin.

An oil serum that blends natural essential oils and extracts, has a high affinity with the skin, and penetrates as if it melts into the skin. The moderately thick oil permeates* comfortably, as if it wraps around the skin's texture. A sweet yet deep sensual scent that makes you want to take a deep breath.

    [When you are concerned about stickiness] Use booster serum before applying lotion → Emming Facial Oil Essence R → Emming Lotion R → Emming Emulsion R → Emming Cream R

    [When you are concerned about dryness] Use lotion as treatment serum After cleansing → Emming Lotion R → Emming Facial Oil Essence R → Emming Emulsion R → Emming Cream R

    1. Take an appropriate amount on your palm.

    2. Spread over the skin from the bottom to the top of the face and let it absorb.

    3. Finally, wrap the entire face with both hands and gently press the skin (forehead, center of the face, cheeks, face line).

    Moisturizing and emollient ingredients
    <Essential oil>
    Rose oil, fennel oil, rosemary oil, geranium oil Bergamot fruit oil
    <Vegetable oil>
    Carrot seed oil, sage oil, pomegranate seed oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, tea seed oil, rape seed oil, rice bran oil
    Eye Leaf Extract, Cymbidium Flower Extract, Glycyrrhiza Root Extract, Althea Root Extract, Rice Bran Extract, Damask Rose Extract, Nanbanksafuji Seed Extract, Plum Fruit Extract
    <Botanical & mineral water>
    Damask rose water, hot spring water

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