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Takami Skin Peel

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Takami's most popular product.

Takami Skin Peel, horny beauty water that anyone can easily use every day, regardless of age or skin type

  • This "skin peeling habit", which incorporates Takami Skin Peel, which is just a plus between facial cleansing and lotion, every day into skincare, builds
    up your beauty carefully every day.
  • Not peeling. Commitment balance that must not be stronger or weaker than this
  • After washing your face, take an appropriate amount (up to the dropper line) on a clean dry palm.
  • Spread all over your palms and gently blend in from the center of your face outwards.
  • After 3 minutes, if it has absorbed and penetrated the skin, apply APS Solution 10 or Takami Lotion (lotion).
  • 30ml