Suqqu Vialume The Serum


Suqqu Vialume The Serum

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Suqqu Vialume The Serum.

A prepared beauty essence that follows SUQQU's "beauty essence advance system" philosophy.
As the first step (base) of care, a special texture that pursues the balance of water and oil and spreads smoothly even though it is rich.
From the moment it is applied to the skin, it becomes familiar and gives the skin moisture and firmness, leading to a bright and transparent impression.
Contains mallow flower extract (moisturizing).

In the morning and at night, at the very beginning of care, spread an appropriate amount on both hands and apply from the center of the face to the outside to the edges. Finally, gently pull up from the center of the face toward the temples so that it wraps around the cheeks, and hand press.

  • 50ml
  • Available on Oct/02/2020