Suqqu Vialume The Mask

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From SUQQU's highest peak aging care * 1 line, a limited number of sheet masks that contain a cream-made dense liquid and lead to luxurious glossy skin that adheres with a unique structure are on sale.
It simultaneously cares for the five elements "moisture," "tension," "transparency * 2, " "brightness * 2, " and "texture," which are necessary for the glossy skin of adults, and even shapes the beauty and impression of the person. An aging care * 1 line that appeared in 2020, a sheet mask that is the ultimate in the essence of "Vialum". We will deliver a blissful time to fill your skin and mind in the season of confronting dryness.
* 1 Moisturizing care for older skin
* 2 Moisturizing

    33ml*5 pieces