Snidel Beauty Tailored Color Eyes Limited

Color EX02 Moon Light Magic

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Snidel Beauty Tailored Color Eyes Limited.

An eye palette that freely layers three textures to create a unique personality. It blends seamlessly into your eyelids, doesn't smudge, and maintains beautiful color and shine. The special collection also features pea-shaped pressings for the first time. Every time you open the compact, remember the simple feeling of enjoying makeup.

EX01 Still Dreaming - A limited edition new color inspired by the important feelings you want to keep in your heart even after you've passed the age of dreaming.

Prismatic Lavender (top left) has lavender, white, and pink beads that mix together each time you use it to create a sparkling pale. Soft with eternal pink (top right) and transparent mauve brown (bottom)

EX02 Moon Light Magic - A three-color eye color with a gentle color gradation that gives a gentle touch to the eyes.

A limited edition new color reminiscent of the gentle light of the moon floating in the dawn sky. Crystal gold (top left) mixes with golden brown, gold, and crystal white to create an overflowing shine as if lit by the moon, moon yellow (top right) is inspired by moonlight, and pink brown creates a subtle look around the eyes. Eye color that is a combination of (bottom).