Snidel Beauty Tailored Color Eyes

Color 02 Girl Like Me

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Snidel Beauty Tailored Color Eyes.

The more you layer it, the more transparent the color becomes, giving it a gentle power to your eyes. A selfish eye palette that flexibly fits any expression,from effortless to elegant.

An eye palette that creates a unique personality by freely layering three high-impact textures.
You can freely change your impression with transparent coloring that suits all skin tones.
The oil-coated powder blends into the eyelids to create a texture that adheres perfectly.
It doesn't wrinkle easily and maintains its beautiful color and shine.
A combination of 4 types of botanical moisturizing ingredients and hyaluronic acid to keep the skin around your eyes moist all day long.


01 Trench Beige

A noble beige palette that resembles a trench coat, which is basic yet allows you to style it to make the most of your individuality.
It won't stand out by any means, but it will give your eyes a presence that makes you feel the power of the basic color.

02 Girl Like Me

A coquettish and bold red palette. If you wear fashion nuances that remind you of your favorite female friends, you'll be able to wear new fashions.

03 Lilac Dress

A beautiful palette with layers of lavender to mauve. It brings out the beauty of her skin, gives her a sense of femininity, and creates cool eyes. She has an elegant expression like a flower.

04 Urban Khaki

A brown khaki palette that gives you a stylish and modern look. Accented with urban yet modern khaki.

05 Golden Hour

A warm coral palette. The coral has different textures and blends seamlessly into the skin, and can be layered to create a nuanced look around the eyes.