Snidel Beauty Rouge Snider N

Color 01 Cinnamon Glaze

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Snidel Beauty Rouge Snider N.

Not just 5 colors, but these 5 colors.

A lineup of carefully selected shades that will update any style, like a carefully selected minimalist wardrobe. It's cute, delicate, and sometimes bold. The five carefully selected shades, which can be said to be a new standard, are born from the sensitivity and balance unique to SNIDEL BEAUTY, which can portray any feminine image with individuality, while blending in with the skin, it instantly updates the impression.

In addition to the SNIDEL BEAUTY style that gives you a modern impression and a beautiful look, this is a special lineup that depicts what I want now and who I will be in the future.

Roll out about 5mm and apply an appropriate amount directly on the lips or with a lip brush.