Shu Uemura Eye Sculpt

Color Beige

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Shu Uemura Eye Sculpt

Imagine scenes evoking the arrival of summer, softly chic muted colors like Fondant Mauve and Nutshell Brown.

Two innovative new textures with a fantastical shimmer and dazzling brilliance.
Shift to a muted eye look with a trend color and pure texture-packed 4-color eyeshadow palette.

Delicately ephemeral colors blend seamlessly with transparent textures, enhancing the natural contours of your eyes beautifully. Effortlessly weave a sculpted beauty with colors that enhance sensual gazes.

Beige: 4 shades inspired by the gentle and pleasant sunlight filtering through the blinds, captured in Nutshell Brown.

Mauve: 4 shades reflecting the scenes of raindrops in the rainy season, moist and glossy, captured in Fondant Mauve.