Shiseido Snow Beauty Brightening Skin Care Powder A

Style Powder Set

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Shiseido Snow Beauty Brightening Skin Care Powder A.

24 hours a wish for your skin Medicated skin care powder.

Whitening care & improvement of transparency (by makeup effect).
Medicated whitening skin care powder. Apply your makeup in the morning, touch up your makeup during the day, and use it at night as the final skincare step.
Contains active whitening ingredient 4MSK (4-methoxysalicylic acid potassium salt) to suppress melanin production and prevent spots and freckles.
A gentle and gentle fragrance with a floral aroma.
10th Anniversary limited design packed with successive snowflakes.
"Snow Fairy Words" design fill and powder puff (smooth fit puff) built-in.

Release on Jul 21st.

●Use after preparing skin with lotion, milky lotion, or makeup base, or for finishing foundation or retouching makeup.
●Recommended to be used in combination with a makeup base or foundation that has UV protection.
●Take an appropriate amount of powder with the “Smooth Fit Puff” (thin puff) and spread it over the entire face.
●When using to touch up your makeup, wipe off excess sebum with tissue paper before using.

When using for bare skin care at night
Use after applying lotion, milky lotion, cream, etc. to your skin.
●Take an appropriate amount of powder with the “Smooth Soft Puff” (thick puff), apply it lightly over the entire face, and then gently glide it over your face.
*When using in the morning as bare skin care, we recommend using it in combination with a milky lotion that has UV protection.