Shiro Savon Bath Oil

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Shiro Savon Bath Oil.

A bath oil that moisturizes your skin with the blessings of nature and has a pleasant scent.
With this bath oil containing sunflower oil and Ghanaian unrefined shea butter, you can turn your bath time into your own reset time to heal the fatigue of the day.
The milky white water envelops your skin and provides rich moisture.
Even when you are concerned about dryness, the soft water will keep your skin moist and smooth.
Even after you get out of the bath, you can maintain a veil of moisture and save time when you want to easily take care of your body.
We recommend using it not only for full body baths, but also for half body baths and foot baths.
The scent of "Sabon" is reminiscent of a clean soap with a refreshing fruit scent.


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