Sensai Comforting Barrier Mask


Sensai Comforting Barrier Mask

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Sensai Comforting Barrier Mask.

It is a cream mask that was born with a focus on. The texture spreads smoothly to reduce the burden on skin that tends to fluctuate, fills the skin with moisture, supplements the skin's barrier function, and prevents dryness. It leads to supple, soft and firm silk skin. Please use it as the last step of your usual care. You can also use it in the morning.


・Contains SENSAI's original moisturizing ingredient, Koishimaru Silk Royal™ CB*.
・A deep floral, balsamic, and musky scent that expresses the charm of Koishimaru silk.
・Allergy tested. **
・Patch tested with the cooperation of those with sensitive skin ***. **
This is a test to confirm skin irritation.
・Non-comedogenic tested. **
This is a test to confirm that comedones (the source of acne) are less likely to occur.
・In order to reduce the use of petroleum-derived plastics as an environmentally friendly initiative, we use some plant-derived materials for the lid and spatula of this product.

*Moisturizing ingredients: Koishimaru silk extract (hydrolyzed silk), acetylglucosamine, evening primrose seed extract, Angelica keiskei leaf/stem extract (cultivated in a sustainable farm that does not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers), edelweiss flower/leaf extract, honeysuckle flower Extract, hamamelis leaf extract
** Not all people will not experience allergies, skin irritation, or comedones (cause of acne).
***Those who are temporarily unable to use cosmetics due to their environment or physical condition.