RMK W Treatment Oil


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RMK W Treatment Oil.

Treatment oil that provides a total approach to dryness and lack of firmness. A pre-care treatment oil that combines an oil layer that softens the skin and a moisturizing layer that fills the stratum corneum freshly. By using it at the beginning of skincare, it will be easier for the subsequent moisturizer to penetrate into the stratum corneum. The double-action of oil and water provides a wrapping effect that prevents dryness and supports the barrier function of the skin. It can also be used as a beauty oil or massage oil to promote blood circulation and for firm skin. Contains argan oil, which has a high moisturizing effect. The rich yet non-greasy texture and the floral citrus scent, which is a blend of eight essential oils such as orange and neroli, wraps the skin softly.

After washing your face or moisturizing your skin with a moisturizing solution, shake it well up and down, then take 4 to 5 drops on your palm and apply it to your entire face.

  • 50ml

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