RMK W Treatment Cleansing Balm


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RMK W Treatment Cleansing Balm.

Satisfy your beautiful skin. Cleansing balm inspired by oil treatment.
Introducing a cleansing balm from RMK's skin care icon "W Treatment Oil". With a rich, melting texture, the thick oil adheres to the skin and blends with makeup, gently lifting it off without any friction and removing it quickly. Contains "moisturizing ingredients" that keep your skin fresh and moisturized and "emollient ingredients" that leave it moisturized. You won't feel any tightness after washing, and your skin will be enveloped in moisture that feels like it's been soaked in beauty oil. It also reduces the feeling of dryness during the day, leaving your skin with firmness and makeup that applies easily. A floral citrus scent blended with 8 types of essential oils.

100g/ with spatula