RMK Eyebrow Pencil Set


Color 01 Gray

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RMK Eyebrow (Pencil).

A W-end eyebrow that allows you to set one Naginata type (M) and extra-fine type (S) pencil.
The extra-fine type is ideal for filling the gaps in the corners of the eyebrows and eyebrows, and for drawing one by one. The separately sold Naginata type is gentle and fluffy if you draw it along the eyebrows, and it develops color firmly if you draw it upright. Combine your favorite colors from the Naginata type and the ultra-fine type.

<How to set>
Remove the transparent simple cap attached to the screw brush side of (M), and insert the screw brush into the recessed part of (S) until it clicks.

<How to use>
● Remove the cap, hold the pencil part, turn the main body to the right, and extend the core by about 2 mm.