RMK Synchromatic Eyeshadow


Color 01 Soft Spot

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RMK Synchromatic Eyeshadow.

Layer 4 colors to create a new monochromatic world on your eyelids.
A new proposal born from a completely different approach in RMK
A new essential palette of colors and textures with attention to detail. The depth increases with each layer, and various textures and sparkles are mixed to create a soft and modern smoky eye that is as beautiful as one color.

Shiny, shimmer, pearl shimmer, matte, including RMK's new light shiny texture and color that emits glitter and luster. We pursued a design that does not become dark.

Because it is a formula that does not create a feeling of white film or thickness, it makes the most of the skin color and gives clear color. The translucent and lustrous powder gently spreads over the eyelids and blends with the skin. It blends well with the skin while adding depth and transparency to the eyes, enhancing the personality of the wearer.

・01 Soft Spot
A modern beige palette that creates soft and sophisticated eyes. A dignified smoky eye is completed by layering brown on the base. Four super-modern essential colors for any occasion, skin tone, or age. Add a cool and alternative essence.

・02 Street Smart
A golden amber palette that creates a modern and cool mood. The new amber-brown single color, which is finished by layering four colors with yellow undertones, is not sweet but cool. It is stylish and brings out a soft atmosphere.

・03 Compassionate
A peach brown palette that combines sweetness and coolness with an eye-catching orange that makes your heart dance. 4 new essential colors that bring out a variety of expressions, such as cute matte, moody, and passionate impressions.

・04 All Her Heart A
mature sepia pink palette that creates a friendly and sweet atmosphere while also making you feel the present. Each color can be used alone to enhance the sweetness, and layered to create a chic and sophisticated nuance.

・05 Delightful
A fresh and cute rose pink palette. We are particular about creating an exquisite pink that doesn't look childish or blue, giving it a modern update.

・06 Ingenious
A cool yet friendly earthy green palette. All four colors have a pearl texture, but even when layered, the soft chiffon-like texture feels light. You can express your own color with style.

・07 Visionary
A golden amber palette that is soft and assertive. It contains exquisite dullness, and the calculated yellowness does not pop, giving a sophisticated impression. You can also finish it off with just a matte that reflects your current mood.

・08 Enchanting
A twilight mulberry palette with a subtle sex appeal and fashion taste. It creates an elevated beauty and a relaxed attitude at the same time.